Wine on draft, thoughts?

Wine on draft, thoughts?

I work at a barbeque restaurant and we are trying to narrow our beer selection and I pitched the idea to my boss of putting our wine on tap as opposed to buying bottles, and he liked it which means that now I have to either execute it or provide reasons why my own proposal was not feasible or otherwise stupid.

We don't have a high end wine consuming clientele and I'd like to switch from our current bottle presentation to something more akin to filling a homebrewers carboy with wine from a BIB, pressurized by nitrogen and on a very short run to the draft handle.

We sell at least a bottle a day during the week and about a half a case each on Saturday and Sunday so i'm not worried about it going bad, but I was wondering if anyone has seen anything similar or has any input whatsoever.


Submitted February 15, 2017 at 06:13PM by guerochuleta
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