Starting a cellar — is a good place to acquire wines? [Canada]

Starting a cellar — is a good place to acquire wines? [Canada]

Hi /r/wine! I hope this is the right place to ask about this.

So I'm considering making the jump from amateur wine-drinker to amateur wine-collector. I have about $7,500 CAD I'm willing to spend on wines right now to get me started and I'm looking to acquire enough for a nice little collection that will appreciate in value in a few years. I know I probably won't make much, but it's fun money, and if something depreciates I can still drink it!

I'm from Toronto and it seems that a local auction house (Waddingtons) conducts wine auctions now, which is something I hadn't really considered as a way to acquire wines. Typically wines are purchased through our provincial government-owned retailer (LCBO / Liquor Control Board of Ontario), but apparently they've let Waddingtons auction wines.

The wine auction going on right now is here:

My concern is that I've been researching wine prices (Bordeaux especially) and some of the prices at this auction seem extremely cheap. Anybody have any idea why Waddingtons' prices might be so cheap? Has anybody here purchased from them before?

A couple random examples: lot 67 is 12 bottles of Chateau Batailley 2009, which going by wine-searcher's average should be like $876 CAD, but the starting bid here is $425; and lot 40 is View Telegraphe La Crau, 1999, 2000, 2008 (2 bottles of each vintage) which wine-searcher says it should be $430 CAD, but the starting bid for that is $350. That one isn't a huge difference, but when you consider taxes, shipping and potential tarrifs, that $430 is probably going to be substantially more.

Anyway, I'm new to this and I hope somebody can let me know if I've stumbled upon some deals, or if this is all going to be vinegar.

Also hoping that if this seems legit, somebody might be able to recommend a few lots to buy as part of a starter collection — most to cellar for investment, some to drink. I'm a big fan of Bordeaux and Rhone, but haven't purchased for the purpose of collecting before.

Again, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this!

Edit: it looks like they also have a live auction happening — the wines in the live auction look a lot better than the online auction, and still priced fairly low. I'm not sure I'd want to attend a live auction, though.

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