Looking for similar wine to expand horizons.

Looking for similar wine to expand horizons.

I've tried a few white, red, and others, but only one wine stood out as my favorite so looking for stuff similar or something I might like.

my current favorite: Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon description: Big and bold in style, Carnivor Cabernet offers intense, dark fruit aromas and deep, inky color. A plush, velvety mouthfeel frames rich flavors of dark berries, coffee, mocha and toasted oak, all backed by a distinctive smoothness and a lingering, silky finish.

Following a brief cold soak to encourage extraction of color and tannin from the fruit, the must was fermented at 88-92°F for four to six days. The wine was then aged on oak until Cabernet's naturally firm tannins were softened and the wine structure was balanced. We added a small amount of the boldest Petite Sirah grapes with the deepest color to enhance the wine's color and structure. The finished wine has a round, plush mouthfeel and signature bold flavor.

I am open to try anything, but I think I like powerful flavor wines.

Submitted February 23, 2017 at 06:23AM by goldswim77
via reddit http://bit.ly/2lbfQHt


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