Suggestions for winery visits – CA

Suggestions for winery visits – CA

I know that this request is a bit broad, but I'm looking for suggestions of wineries to visit in California this April. To make a long story short, I am going to be making quite a long roadtrip in April and will be heading through more or less the whole length of California. I'd like to take the time to visit a winery or two during the trip.

As for what I'm looking for, I'd like to stop somewhere that might be smaller production or harder to procure here in WA state. I'd prefer somewhere with higher quality, but nothing with an average price in excess of $100/bottle. I enjoy most varietals but I would say Cab perhaps the least of the majors, so this may help whittle down the list. As far as area goes, I would say that most areas north of LA are fair game.

I look forward to your suggestions. Thanks!

Submitted February 24, 2017 at 05:47PM by DontDoItCW
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