Brett / VA in wine

Brett / VA in wine

This is really just a rant. I just popped yet another bottle that tastes like it's been mixed with sour beer. In this case it's a CdR villages. The wine store employee did advise / warn me that it's by a "natural wine" producer. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there making otherwise cool wines that end up being flawed.

I've experienced this most with Italian wines (flew across the country with a 1991 Boca that ended up being a Brett bomb), but it's happened with plenty of French bottles too. I think I'm particularly sensitive to it – my wife doesn't always pick it up – but sometimes it's glaring, as in the case where I got a "natural" white at a wine bar and it was literally fizzy. It was not a pet nat. The bartender held it up as a virtue: "It's a living wine." FTS. It tasted like cheap cider mixed with Lindemann's.

I'm all for winemakers intervening as little as possible in order to help the grape and site take the forefront. But defending flaws that get in the way of the expression of the grape and site is not helpful, people. Brett is not "terroir;" it happens in the cellar, not the field.

Rant over. Join in if you want to share your tales of woe or weigh in on the issue.

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