65-70 degrees for 6 months – is it dead?

65-70 degrees for 6 months – is it dead?

Sorry for the glut of posts lately but I am really trying to wrap my head around the new world I'm getting into.

I've got 2 bottles I brought back from Napa in September. I've been keeping them at my parents house because we had just moved and I didn't know what the climate would be like in our new home. My parents house is generally 65-70 and I've got the air conditioing going full tilt in our house right now because according the standalone sensor I've got my closet was at 72 when I brought the wine home.

So a few questions –
* Did I kill it?
* If not, how long at these temps / variations until it's pointless to ship offsite / toss in a proper wine cellar?

The bottles in question are a 2013 Cliff Lede Stardust Heaven Cab Sauv (RP 98) and a 2012 Beringer Private Reserve Cab Sauv.

All help is welcomed. Thanks again for all the help with this particular neophyte oenophile.


Submitted March 09, 2017 at 01:50AM by insomniac87
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