How is ‘abocado’ used as a term in sherry?

How is ‘abocado’ used as a term in sherry?

Hi, so I'm working with a lot of sherry and am fairly comfortable with my sherry knowledge, but I've recently started working with some Oloroso sweetened with PX, and the style is being called 'Oloroso Abocado' on the label. A Spanish colleague is unfamiliar with this term. I have seen more than one such sherry so called. Is this a fixed, defined term, or is this something that a few producers use atypically? I am aware a lot of things to do with sherry are in a state of flux as EU PDO laws are applied to it and the governing bodies in Spain try to figure out how to classify things – in particular sherry 'creams' are being redefined. I wonder if this is part of that process? Anyone who can help me clarify would be the recipient of much gratitude, as I want to be able to pass on the clarification to potentially curious guests.

Submitted March 15, 2017 at 05:20PM by Litrebike
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