Tips for preparation before a weekend wine-tour?

Tips for preparation before a weekend wine-tour?

Hello there r/wine! Apologies if this is a stupid question; I did a search on the sub and didn't see anyone ask this before. We were gifted a lovely weekend wine-tour: two days, one night, visiting multiple wineries throughout the days and having wine-paired courses with dinner. We're thinking about scheduling it for the early summer, maybe May or June. I'm not a heavy wine drinker myself, but given such a nice (and I imagine pricey) gift I want to try and capitalize on the experience. I'm not looking for information about wine itself; I know some basics, and there's plenty of info out on the internet and this sub that I can find myself. Rather, I'm looking for any tips specifically to improve our wine-tour experience. I drink a fair amount of beer and scotch and consider myself above-averagely educated on both drinks. Oddly, my body has a noticeably low tolerance to wine (and especially champagne!) which makes me worried about a two-day wine tour.

  • Other than just going nuts and drinking a ton of wine between now and the summer, are there any ways to improve my tolerance?

  • Should I be trying to find bottles from vineyards in the area that we'll be touring (they don't say which exact vineyards they go to because they say it depends on the day/season/availability)? Or would a broader approach be better so I have different palate points to compare to?

  • Any thoughts or advice are all welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Submitted March 15, 2017 at 06:26PM by amilesfreethrows
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