Wineries in the Loire valley?

Wineries in the Loire valley?

My wife and I will be staying in the Château de l'Aubrière for 3 nights in mid June this year, looking to go chateaux touring and wine tasting, looks like there is a big cycling culture there too.

I'd love to hear some recommendations on wineries in the area. Our list of chateauxs to tour is too long to possibly do so we dont need recommendations there unless there are any lesser known ones that might slip our eye, currently the big ones planned are Chambord and Chenonceau, likely Amboise since it's near da Vinci's tomb.

But for wineries I don't even know where to start when planning which to visit. We are not connoisseurs just looking to get a little tipsy trying tons of different delicious wines, red or white. Within biking distance of our hotel would be ideal 🙂

I did notice some set wine tours but I'd rather explore on our own though if there is set transportation or shuttles to any that'd work too!

Submitted March 15, 2017 at 04:47PM by eaglessoar
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