Visiting Napa/Sonoma this summer- Yay or nay?

Visiting Napa/Sonoma this summer- Yay or nay?

Hi All,

My girlfriend and I will be visiting the west coast of the US this Summer in July/August. The majority of our holiday will be a road trip through various national parks. At the tail-end we will be visiting San Francisco with the intention of driving down the coast, eventually ending up in LA where we will take our flight home.

We have been playing with the idea of visiting Napa/Sonoma for a while, but have only really started looking into it now. What has become apparent very quickly, is that tasting/visiting wineries is a very different ballgame to the experience in Australia. A small amount of research reveals people comparing a visit to the region in summer to "Christmas at Costco"- yikes!

So… should we do it? Some background info:

  • We enjoy wine a lot, but we are by no means experts. Both of us haven't visited any other wine regions apart from those on our doorstep (Margaret River, Pemberton etc in Western Australia).

  • We will be looking at 1 or 2 nights in the area at the beginning of August this year, likely using Airbnb for accommodation

  • We will have a car, but would prefer that we didn't have to drive to/from the wineries (not fans of spitting!)

  • We dislike group tours a lot and prefer to do things ourselves, but we are wary of costs spiralling out of control

  • We are most concerned with having a relaxing time on holiday, however we do not know if going to the area at this time of year will be conducive to this

If we should go- how can we make the experience as pleasant and care-free as possible on a modest budget? What have been your experiences?

If we shouldn't go- where else would you recommend (wine related or otherwise) between San Fran and LA? Is there maybe another region or a collection of wineries that we could visit without the stress of Napa?

Any advice offered would be greatly appreciated!

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