Should I get a graduate degree in enology?

Should I get a graduate degree in enology?

I'm a microbiologist by trade with a decent background in agriculture as well. I've been looking for a career change as the work is getting monotonous and thought about finding a way to break into the wine industry. I don't do business very well and don't have any experience in the service industry so getting into the more technical work on a vineyard seems the logical step.

I did very basic research and it seems like i would need a degree of some sort in viticulture and enology to get to where I would want to be. Is that really the case? Is there a way to get one online somewhere?

I saw various certificate programs for this as well. Not a full degree but a solid 2 year course. Are these worth it? Can a certificate program get me to where I want to be?

Finally I have no experience in the wine industry other than liking wine. Is a degree or certificate program enough to get me in or am I expected to have a few years experience by that time?

Really just starting to look into this was hoping someone else went through this or had some insight.

Submitted March 21, 2017 at 06:40PM by BiffHardchest
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