How to recommend wine *for professionals*

How to recommend wine *for professionals*

My customers often have the most vague idea about what they liked in a wine and struggle to describe it. They'll use the terms "sweet" or "smooth" or some combination thereof.

"I like red blends". What?

What other salesperson has to deal with such vague language?

But how can I explain the experience of selling wine to my non-wine drinking friends? I think I have come up with a good analogy.

Imagine selling cars to people who don't know ANYTHING about cars. I'm American so please forgive me if Car Culture is not ubiquitous in your sphere.

Them: "Yes, I'd like a car that goes VROOM please."

Me: "OK, in what manner of sound would you like it to go VROOM? Was it a naturally aspirated 8 cylinder or a turbo charged 4 cylinder."

Them: "Well, it had a bee on the label."

Me: "Take this wine that has a wasp on the label. I think that should work."

Them: "Thank you!"

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