My Paso trip

My Paso trip

Hey all, I hit up Paso Robles this past weekend for the first time and had a blast. Wanted to share my thanks as I took some recommendations from you all to plan the tasting room visits. I will be going back a few times a year as it is only 2 hours away (and I joined 2 clubs). Here are some brief thoughts on where I visited;

Daou – first one of the day, extremely beautiful venue, also extremely pricey. Wine was good, unfortunately my favorite one was $125/bottle so I bought my second and third favorites that I tried there (Cab Franc and Unbound). They didn't have some others that I wanted to try. I split the club with my friend since it made sense to waive the tastings and then we can just make a few trips a year to get our money's worth.

Adelaida – second one, I wish we spent more time (and money!) here. Best wines of the trip in my opinion, cheap tasting fee and reasonably priced bottles. Highly debating joining this club next time I am up there and cancelling one of my local Santa Barbara clubs. I bought a library wine they were selling, 2009 blend. Their Grenache and Viking blend were my favorites but I enjoyed everything they poured.

Tablas Creek – did a wine tour and tasting, beautiful property shows off the limestone, they have sheep grazing instead of using pesticides and stuff which I loved to hear, spoke about the French connection through the Perrin family. I joined here, really enjoyed their wines and great value to be a member in my opinion (cool perks too tied to French travels and stuff).

Tooth & Nail – "Castle" tasting room with a moat, weird goth interior that wasn't my favorite. The wines were OK, the food was decent too! This one would be hit or miss if you are particular about your wine but can see some of their wines striking chords with lots of folks

Turley – great experience, knowledgeable and friendly staff, great wine but mostly Zin (I tried the Cab and Syrah, bought a bottle of the Cab and their Tecolete) my favorite Zin was the Amodeo's and Pesenti. If you like Zin, this is a must stop

Herman Story – super quirky staff and wine, high ABV and another one of the wines that you will either love or hate. I really enjoyed their One Hit Wonder 100% Mourvedre and bought a bottle of it. Their GSM (Casual Encounters I think) was good as well.

Overall, I had a blast and look forward to my next trip as there are lots more wineries to check out (and revisit some).

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