Looking for wine deals in New England area

Looking for wine deals in New England area

Hey all,

Having Portuguese in-laws I drink quite a bit of Portuguese wine. It's our go-to cheap table wine. We can pop open a bottle with dinner and not worry about the cost as it's cheaper than popping 2 middle of the road craft beers. Spending on average $3.50-4 a bottle when I buy by the case. I get it here, in Ludlow, MA if you're interested. http://bit.ly/2nt0VKw I usually stop in and see what they have, it varies from trip to trip, and scan them with Vivino to find the better options (they range from pretty crap ratings to good).

That said I'd love to find a good place somewhere in New England to pick up good cheap Italian, French and Spanish wines. Nothing crazy special, just good table wines and preferably under $10 a bottle by the case. Here in CT there's minimum pricing on alcohol so it's hard to find much under $15. I usually stock up on 2-3 cases at a time so don't mind of it is far from home, I get around quite a bit so I'd just pick some up once or twice a year when I'm in that area.

Thanks guys!

Submitted March 29, 2017 at 01:37AM by BeerJunky
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