**Monthly Wine Challenge – March 2017 Tasting Notes Post!!!**

**Monthly Wine Challenge – March 2017 Tasting Notes Post!!!**

Greetings, MWCers! It is the Ides of March, a time for new beginnings! Hopefully we'll have a bunch of new partcipants tasting wine with us – and we certainly have a great wine selection for them to start with!

Our selection (apparently The Gateway Wine, according to /u/CondorKhan):

Country: France

Variety/Varietal: Bourgogne Rouge / Red Burgundy (only Pinot Noir)

If you are indeed new to the Monthly Wine Challenge, you have from now until the end of the month to post your tasting notes for your chosen Burgundy! We're fairly informal here, and only insist upon a few standards so we can find your wine if we're interested (or avoid it if it's awful). When posting your notes, don't forget: 1) a link to a photo of your bottle and a filled glass, 2) the name of the wine, the producer/vineyard, the year, 3) your notes, and 4) your overall opinion (whether sublime or swill).

On April 1, I'll be posting the now-traditional April Fool's wine selection. I learned a LOT from last year's tricky but fun April challenge (who knew cheap wine in Canada doesn't exist?). Stay tuned for the 2017 April challenge, when we'll do things a little differently!

Submitted March 15, 2017 at 02:46PM by pbrooks19
via reddit http://bit.ly/2nEHs8O


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