**Monthly Wine Challenge – April 2017 Selection Post!!!**

**Monthly Wine Challenge – April 2017 Selection Post!!!**

Hello, Challengers! Firstly, I ask your indulgence to forgive any strange misspellings or formatting issues. I'm posting this while on a long road trip, and typing on smartphones while a passenger in a bumpy van can be tricky. I'll make sure to add the helpful links later tonight.

And now – the annual April Challenge – where we do things a tad differently. It's a little nod to the fact that we start the challenge on April Fool's Day. This month, we'll be thinking 'within the box.'

Country: Any

Varietal: Any

Required Condition: Must come from a box / no bottles

The quality of boxed wines is improving all the time, and these wines tend to be quite economical. In fact, for this challenge, you may get one of the larger 3-4 bottle sizes or a smaller 3-4 glass one. Any variety and origin is fair game – it only must come from a box!

Remember, on April 15th I'll put up the tasting notes post. When posting your notes, be ready to include: 1) the name of the producer, the varietal(s), the origin (if noted) and the year (if noted); 2) a photo of your box and a filled glass; 3) your detailed tasting notes, and 4) your recommendation.

There you go! See you on April 15th!

Submitted April 01, 2017 at 05:35PM by pbrooks19
via reddit http://bit.ly/2mZhSiM


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