Santa Barbara trip

Santa Barbara trip

A little bit of background. I am a manager at a restaurant in Temecula. I have completed the Court of Masters level 1 test and know a little about wine (more than the average consumer but much less than what I would like to know!). With this in mind i have not taken a vacation in years and I'm trying to go away with my wife for a trip to visit some great restaurants and drink fantastic wine. Oh and I'm on a budget.

Me and the wife are planning a week long trip up to Santa barbers. Can you recommend some places to visit while we are in that area? Maybe some places that actually have great wine and are not just a tourist trap. 🙂

Looking at Rideau Vineyards maybe (because my wife found a Groupon). Any ideas on that? I know enough about wine to not want to spend time at just anyplace but not enough to know what places are good and worth a visit.

Any help would be amazing!

Submitted April 06, 2017 at 09:55PM by Iyeshuat
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