Dumbest question in the sub: How do I open a wine crate?

Dumbest question in the sub: How do I open a wine crate?

Seriously. Apologies in advance.

I've inherited a wooden crate of 1994 vintage port. I want to open it to inspect fill levels and lay them on their side (though I wonder if it may be late to save these corks if they've been sitting like this in my uncle's cellar upright). Just one problem: I have no idea how to open the crate. Is there a straightforward way without specialized tools? I have general tools at home but no crowbar or cat's paw. I have a hand saw but am scared of damaging the product. I tried using the claw of a regular hammer but couldn't get any purchase. I tried using a flat screwdriver and hammering the base but it just seemed to start cracking at the wood.

Google and youtube have been impressively unhelpful. This is literally the only video I could find. Part of the issue I imagine is that any search of the word "box" with "wine" gives me results for cheap box-wine. So I'm a little stumped. I figured if the internet can teach me how to change my car's lights it should be able to teach me how to open a damn box.

Thoughts? Help! (Thanks!)

Oh, last question: if they bottles are standing upright (like I would guess) and have been since 1994, any reason I shouldn't lay them flat now?

Submitted April 11, 2017 at 02:24PM by cantopenboxes
via reddit http://bit.ly/2p56teM


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