blind tasting gamification elements

blind tasting gamification elements

Hi there – after lurking for some time here I go with my first post ever on reddit.

My friends and I get together and do blind tastings on a timely fashion, just to keep in shape – we're all sommeliers and decent tasters.

The formula we stick to is that we blind taste the wine, compare findings, discuss about a specific element someone might want to discuss (the likes of "I disagree with the bitter closing because…." or "I don't believe tannins are smooth, I rather think this is low in tannins" – you get the point I guess?), then we try to guess the varietal (or more) before uncovering the bottle and "oooh I knew it was…."

Lots of entertainment and we all have a great time, however I am looking for suggestions about gamification elements to insert here and there. Nothing like getting close to a wine tasting board game or scoring to see who scores best. I'd be rather more interested in what other people are doing to spice things up a little bit. The only thing we tried so far is theme tasting, like "chardonnay" or "South Italy" – everyone stick to that when picking bottles.

Do you have any practices/rules for (blind) tastings ? Do you use any sort of gaming in it ? If so, what ? How is your tasting evening structured ? What would you suggest to take it to the next level of fun and learning ?


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